Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take my usual daily medication?
We generally request that you take your medication before leaving home. Diabetic medications will be individualized. We will usually hold diabetic medicines and manage your sugar at the Center. You should be contacted before your surgery leaving no doubts in your mind as to which medications you should take. Please bring all your medications with you.

People using inhalers must bring them to the Center on the day of surgery.

Some medications will be stopped for the surgery, particularly diabetes medication and blood thinners. You should bring these medications with you the day of surgery. Please call us with any questions you may have.

May I continue my herbal medications?
Herbal medications may have harmful effects on the surgery. Many of these remedies may effect your clotting mechanism and interfere with the anesthetic agents. (The list of drugs and their side effects are too great for this site.) We generally request that you stop these medications two weeks before surgery. Please remember to mention these remedies when being asked about medication.

Who may accompany me?
Due to Covid-19 only the patient may enter the facility. Family or friends are more than welcome to sit in our atrium outside of the surgery center. They are also more than welcome to wait in their car or run errands while you are in for your procedure. The surgeon will call after the surgery to let them know how the surgery went. They will also receive a call from our recovery nurses to give discharge instructions and let them know when you will be ready to leave.When a patient is a minor, one parent and/or guardian will accompany him or her to the Center. One parents can be in the recovery room after the surgery or procedure is performed.

Please refrain from bringing young children to the Center as guests

Will I receive sedation before going into the operating room?

We will individualize each patient’s care.