Why Choose Our Surgery Center?

Our physicians, nurses, and technicians provide high quality care in a warm, personalized setting.


To expedite your check-in process, we need to receive your registration form prior to your procedure date. If not received, the Pre-Registration Department will be contacting you prior to your date of service.

Experienced physicians, nurses, and technicians use advanced technology and equipment to provide high quality care in a warm, personalized setting.

Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists

Dr. Alireza Todd Alijani, MD
Todd Alijani, MD

Dr. James Ferrari
Jim Ferrari, MD

Dr. Wayne Gersoff MD
Wayne Gersoff, MD

Dr. Harold Hunt MD
Harold Hunt, MD

Dr Davis Hurley
Davis Hurley, MD

Dr. Keith Jacobson DPM
Keith Jacobson, DPM

Dr. Andrew Motz
Andy Motz, MD

Dr. Cary Motz
Cary Motz, MD

Dr. Allan Ng
Alan Ng, DPM

Dr John Papilion
John Papilion, MD

Dr. Scott G Resig
Scott Resig, MD

Dr. Micah Worrell
Micah Worrell, DO

Dr Presley Swann

Orthopedic Associates

Dr. Joel Gonzales MD
Joel Gonzales, MD

Western Orthopaedics

Dr Edward (Ted) Parks MD
Edward (Ted) H. Parks, MD
Dr Benjamin W Sears MD

Benjamin W. Sears, MD

Dr. Raj Bazaz
Raj Bazaz, MD

Note: Physicians are independent providers of medical services and are not employees or agents of SCA surgery centers. Questions regarding your individual treatment plan or charges rendered by your surgeon, anesthesia team or other independent providers should be directed to their offices.